Published by Vagabondage Press, EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction explores the topsy-turvy world of rock 'n' roll as only fine literature can. Its 16 compelling narratives relate the lives of touring musicians and touring fans, label signings gone awry, the evolution of life as a roadie, or (in one case) a DJ with a serial killer for a caller. While the stories are unique to each writer, you’ll discover within them an experience that is universal. Some are fiction and some non-fiction, but they’re all true.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If a musician plays...

 and no one shows up to hear him...does he still make a sound?

Closing out EXPERIENCED is Carl Peel's poignant story, "If a Tree Falls," in which a singer/songwriter, jaded by decades of ups and downs and eking out a living in the music industry, meets tremendous disappointment performing an event that had a special meaning for him. The story really strikes a chord on that universal theme of following one's hopes and dreams, but acknowledging when it's time to perform the swan song, lest one ends up chasing those dreams over a cliff.

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